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This is a such a welcome surprise – such a collection a you will never see anywhere else in Australia. Collected with loving care over many years by the owner, a visit is a must for children and for all us adults with any sense of nostalgia.


The Toy Museum is located in the old CBC bank building and houses a collection of over 2000 toys in the five downstairs rooms that used to comprise the Banking Chamber and associated offices.The collection spans the era from the First World War right through to modern times – from Betty Boop, Dan Dare and Sad Sack to the Simpsons, Japanese Anime and Mr Blobby.


The Museum is open 11am to 5pm Wednesday to Sunday during the Spring and Autumn tourist seasons.

Click on the image below to play the video from ABC Central West

toy museum.JPG
20th Century Toy Museum Carcoar
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