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Carcoarians Keeping the Faith

The “people power” behind the move to save St Pauls continues to gather support from far and wide. Thousands of concerned people have viewed the Facebook posts regarding the proposed sale of the church and expressed their outrage. Grant Molloy wrote: “It really is a case that the community has to say no! It is complete mismanagement of the church finances by the hierarchy, that has now led them to the this irresponsible mess. How can they think that selling the second oldest church over the mountains is going to fix the situation. The funds received from the sale won't even pay the interest on the debt they owe. Let alone pay for the unjust treatment of the members of the community at large.“ Another supporter wrote: “the church was built and continues to be maintained from donations from the community, as such when the Church is finished with it, it should be returned to the community. NOT sold off.” The Diocese of Bathurst have sparked a public relations nightmare and will have a battle on their hands if they intend to proceed.

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