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For Whom the Poll Tolls

In the wake of recent television coverage regarding the proposed sale of St Pauls and a nationwide poll, which voted overwhelmingly to oppose the sale of Carcoar's beloved historic church, the St Paul’s Community Church Group has released the following statement:

COMMUNITY STATEMENT FROM CARCOAR The residents of Carcoar are in full and total support of the Anglican Church’s redress payments to the survivors of sexual abuse. The abhorrent acts of depraved individuals within the Church must be addressed and the victims must be supported and compensated. We fully support the Anglican Church’s decision to join the National Redress Scheme. However the proposed commercial sale of St Paul’s Church, Carcoar, by the Bathurst Anglican Diocese will have a long-lasting and negative impact on our small community and see the loss of public access to a piece of iconic NSW’s history. The Church is arguably the most historically significant building in our town, and one of great importance to the state of NSW. The foundation stone was laid in 1845 making it the second oldest church west of the Blue mountains in NSW. St Paul’s is a pillar of our local community. Local families who’s forebearers gave their life service and prayer in St Paul’s have plaques honouring their ancestors within the Church, some of their remains are buried at the Church and the walls are covered with many more memorials recognising the residents whom St Paul’s meant so much to. This would all be lost in a commercial sale. The land the church sits on was donated by a local, in fact the entire church construction was paid for by a local landholder. To this day the locals have paid for and maintained the church. St Paul’s is not only hugely significant to our past but it is vital to our town’s future. Many weddings are held in the church, drawing tourists from out of town and overseas who stay in our B&B’s, have coffees in our cafés and dinners in our pub. Small rural communities have been suffering for years, hits such as removing a foundation of our community are a real threat to every small business in our town. We are asking the Diocese to sell the intact St Paul’s at a nominal rate, we will continue manage ongoing maintenance, insurance and all other costs to keep this historic building open as a community church. The Diocese has other assets it can sell without such having such a significant and negative impact on a small community like ours which depends upon our local church spiritually, historically and for our financial future. Next year is St Paul’s 175th anniversary and we want to ensure it remains in the community and accessible to the public for another 175 years. St Paul’s Community Church Group.

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