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Going On A Bear Hunt

Carcoar's Kurt Fearnley, the sporting icon whose grit and determination has seen him conquer Kokoda and win numerous gold medals in the Paralympic Games has now risen to yet another challenge. Kurt is among a number of well known personalities, who have been chosen to appear in a special series of mini episodes of ABC's Play School to celebrate it's 50th anniverary. Having agreed “to do absolutely anything and everything” Kurt performs We’re Going On A Bear Hunt alongside Play School presenter Rachael Coopes and a group of children, including his niece and nephew. No doubt his appearance on the popular children's pogramme will also win him brownie points from two year old son Harry. In an interview for SBS Kurt described the experience as “just a lot of fun something completely different, out of the sport realm, and a good chance to be a dad on tele." The episode is available to watch now on ABC iview.

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