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Show & Tell Evening

On Tuesday August 9, The Carcoar Historical Society held its annual 'Show and Tell'. This year the event was held at Shalom, Carcoar. Participants were encouraged to bring along any artefacts, photographs, documents and stories relating to family or personal history. Some of the presentations included an interesting collection of Lumme photos owned by Cheryl Leslie; an account of the 1863 Commercial Bank hold-up related by a descendant of Joseph Parker, the accountant who frustrated the bushrangers; some kitchenalia items from Fran Hansen; Dawn Williams displayed a framed copy of the 1874 panorama of Carcoar showing St Paul's before the tower and steeple were built. Special Guest this year was Fr Tim Cahill and part of his talk concentrated on the rich musical traditions in both sacred and secular music to be found in Carcoar's history in the 19th and 20th centuries. Some amazing stories and objects from the past were dug up from the family archives and other places. The Historical Society would like to extend its thanks to all those who attended and to Shalom for hosting a very entertaining evening.

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