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'Revive' Project Gets Green Light

Blayney Shire Parks and Gardens Manager, Brian Parker is pleased to announce that the grant application for the second stage of Carcoar's Pound Flat Revive Project has been successful and that a further $54,000 has been allocated by the NSW Environmental Trust Office of Environment and Heritage. The new funds will allow for the expansion of the 'Revive Project' to include the area on the eastern side of the Coombing Street causeway which will extend as far as the eastern boundary of the Show Ground. On a recent visit NSW Fisheries delegates were very impressed with the work formerly done and are keen to engage with council and the community on the next stage. Already there are signs of increased wildlife in the area and it has been suggested that guided night tours would be a great way of highlighting the benefits of improved biodiversity in the area.

Work on the next stage will begin later this year and will include the removal of weed willows, replanting with native stock and the installation of snags in the river. It is expected that the project will wrap up in 2020.

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