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Pound Flat Stage 2 Underway

A low mechanical thrum reverberates around the village heralding the commencement of Stage two of the 'Revive Project' at Pound Flat. The heavy machinery has moved in and already significant progress has been made in clearing the weed infested river bank behind the Showground. Local man John Hansen was fascinated by the skill of the contractors operating the large excavators: 'I came across this incredibly powerful thing delicately plucking whole trees out of the ground like picking flowers and laying them down neatly in a row all facing the same way.' The mulching machine is also making steady progress reducing the weed trees to woodchip which will eventually be recycled as mulch for the new plantings.

The first stage of the project which commenced three years ago, is looking great with trees and native vegetation now flourishing along the river which embraces Pound Flat. Meanwhile the Wiradjuri Art Project which aims to place artworks on the pillars of the overpass is in the final planning stage

Meeting with Nyree Reynolds to discuss the proposed mural.

Photo courtesy of Eric Blair

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